Entertainment for the whole family

Wildlife Display

Bryan Paterson is the son of a gamekeeper and gained knowledge and a passion for animals / birds and the countryside from an early age. He created ‘Wildlife Displays’ to fulfil his desire to work with animals and children.

Bryan is very keen to get children involved in his presentations as he strongly believes that giving children the opportunity to learn about some of these more unusual animals at close quarters will perhaps encourage some of them to become the conservationist’s of the future.

Offering a selection of displays, Bryan and his qualified team members provide interactive sessions throughout the day with a ‘hands on’ approach with a variety of animals including, Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions, Insects, Meerkats, cute and cuddlies and all of which are captive bred, hand reared and used to being handled in a show environment.

Ben Long Falconry

This is not a mere bird of prey show.

The Falconry School seeks to show these fantastic creatures operating in their natural environment – air. At the same time, the presenters will give a fascinating commentary about the glorious history of falconry, its practice as a hunting sport and its place in the modern environment. Displays also include audience participation where volunteers can experience the thrill of a hawk or owl flying and landing on their gloved fist – something the participants will remember forever.

Based in Gloucestershire, The Falconry School is an establishment dedicated to showing best practices in how to care for, handle and fly birds of prey, for the purposes of falconry, and their raptors are displayed in unparalleled feather condition and state of fitness.

Ben Long, director of the School, and a falconer for more than 45 years is one of the country’s most experienced practitioners of this most noble of sports. He is unashamedly passionate about falcons, the world’s fastest living creatures, and he and his team of falconers are some of the few who can show you the flight of the peregrine, the swiftest of them all.

3SIXTY Mountain Bike Display Team

3SIXTY displays have enthralled audiences around the world for over a decade. The teams trials riders have broken 11 official Guinness world records ensuring that every show has an unbeatable level of skill on display.

Bespoke display equipment, a custom sound track, a full PA system, power supply and slick commentary are all provided to present amazing riding skills in a professionally formatted and engaging show.

Between performances 3SIXTY offer expert tuition to the public on team bikes and an interactive test track.