Farriery Competition | Horse shoe-making.

Farriery Competition Schedule

Judge: Mr Stephen Hill FWCF
Judge’s Steward: Sammy O’Gara AWCF
Entry Fee: £10 per class except Eagle Eye (£5)

This year we are bringing back the ever popular Farriery Competition. This involves farriers and apprentices from all over the country coming to Burrs to compete in making horse shoes from an exact specification. Shoes will then be judged. There are various classes covering a wide range of possible shoes needed for different types of horses and workloads. You will get to see these shoes being made from a straight piece of steel to becoming ready to be put onto a horses foot.

Competitors will shoe-make out of the back of their own vans using their own tools and anvils, but steel will be provided. It is the competitors own responsibility to wear PPE.

This year’s Farriery Competition is very kindly sponsored by Sammy O’Gara AWCF and Walgar Farming.

Entries close Monday 18th June 2018



  1. Open Shoe Making
  2. Theraputic
  3. Eagle Eye
  4. Apprentice 1st and 2nd Year
  5. Apprentice 3rd and 4th Year

Farriery Competition Entry Form

Entry Fee: £10 per class except Eagle Eye (£5)

By checking the box below, you agree to abide by Society rules

Please now send the correct fee to:

Jodie Walton
1 Bentley Hall Farm , Bury , Bl8-3PH
Tel: 07376 804811
Email: jodie-walton@live.co.uk

Please make cheques payable to: BURY & DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY

Download printable entry form

Farriery Competition Contact Details

Secretary: Jodie Walton
Address: 1 Bentley Hall Farm, Bury, Bl8 3PH.
Tel: 07376 804 811
Email: jodie-walton@live.co.uk

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