Showground Rules

1. Full and correct attire must be worn by all competitors and their grooms. All riders must wear correctly fitting headgear to PAS015 or higher, whilst mounted anywhere on the Showground. Junior members are also compelled to wear them when competing in hand. Grooms must wear suitable hats whilst attending in the ring.
2. All forms of safety and rider protection are encouraged and as such back protectors are accepted at all events.
3. There must be no galloping or cantering unless in a collecting or judging ring.
4. All entries are to be made on the entry forms provided or via the Online Booking System.
5. Misuse of whips or spurs will not be tolerated under any circumstances. NO spurs are allowed in any mountain & moorland classes, juniors may also not wear spurs in Showing Classes. Maximum length of whip – 30 inches/75cms
6. Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times.
7. Classes will only be delayed for competitors at the discretion of the Judge and committee.
8. Failure to exhibit any animal entered will entail forfeiture of entry fee. Entry fees are non-refundable.
9. No horse or pony under 4 years of age may be ridden on the showground.
10. Stallions and Colts may not be ridden or led by anyone under 18yrs
11. Any animal not kept sufficiently under control will be asked to leave the showground immediately by any Judge, Steward or Official of the Society.
12. Stallion owners are reminded that it is forbidden to run out their exhibit along the horse-box lines and all Stallions must Display a stallion Disc
13. Do not muck out your horsebox or trailer on the showground,
14. Jewellery, indeed, any items that may become entangled and cause danger and/or discomfort to horse or rider are not permitted.
15. Fall of horse or rider in any class requires that the horse/pony is to be led from the ring.
16. Entries accepted on the day are non-refundable, Entries fees paid online in advance are refundable within 5 days of the event on cancellation of the event by the Society. Any fees paid to Entry master are not refundable.
17. The committee and judges reserve the right to refuse an entry in the event of any unsoundness such as lameness or coughing
18. The committee reserve the right to refuse entries.
19. The committee reserve the right to cancel or amalgamate classes in the event of insufficient entries.
20. The committee reserve the right to change times or order of classes from those published.
21. Any person participating in any way at this Show who conducts themselves in a manner which may be deemed to bring the Show into disrepute, or who is acting in a way which may be abusive to any animal, person, official, judge or steward will be disqualified from competition and will be escorted off the Showground.
22. INSURANCE: Bury and District Agricultural society cannot accept liability for injury to persons or animals, or for any loss or damage to your property at the Show nor for any injury caused to an exhibitor, whether participating or observing on the Showground. You should therefore make arrangements to be suitably covered by insurance.

1. When exhibiting horses and ponies at the show which could cause injury to other members/non-member or public, the Agricultural society must therefore insist that you have adequate public liability insurance.
2. It is the responsibility of the Competitor to ensure they are aware of the status of the rings and attend their booked in classes.
3. No child under the age of 3 years may compete in Lead Rein classes,
4. Bury and District Agricultural Society is an equal opportunity show, competitors with disabilities are welcome to attend and compete.
5. Objections should be made in writing to the secretary together with £50 which is returnable if the objection is upheld. Any objection MUST be made within 20 minutes of the class ending.
6. ALL COMPETITORS will be deemed to have read and accepted these rules as a condition of their participation on the Showground.

23. Please can you all take you litter home with you and leave the showground as you would expect to find it.
25. Social Media Rule: No competitors may post or transmit any material which could damage the name or reputation
26. of The society its officials or its Judges. Any person found guilty of this would constitute a breach of the society rules and could result in the person being removed / banned from the society and showground.
27. No rider may compete with a restrictive injury such as but not limited to a cast or break etc.
28. NOVICE: All competitors must ride in a snaffle bridle, no Spurs
29. FLU VACCINATION AND HORSE PASSPORTS – All Exihibts MUST be in possession of a valid Passport and Vaccination Record. The vaccination record must show that the Horse or Pony has had the Flu booster within 12 months of the show date or had the first 2 flu vaccination prior to the show. The club reserves the right to check passports at any time and evict

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