Sheep Competition

Pedigree, crossbred, commercial & young handlers

Sheep Schedule

Entry Fee:
Classes 50- 74 – £2.00
Classes 75-76 – £1.00

Prize Money
Classes 50-74: 1st £8, 2nd £5, 3rd £3
Classes 75-76: 1st £5, 2nd £3, 3rd £2, 4th £1


Offical breed society rosettes will be awarded in all of the Suffolk and Texel classes

Trophies will also be available in each section and will be presented after the Grand parade at 3.30pm in the sheep secretary’s tent.

Classes maybe amalgamated if there are insufficient entries on show day.

Could all visitors adhere to all health and safety notices around the sheep section with regards to MV and non MV accredited animals. Hand washing facilities will be located around the perimeter of the sheep pens. Please keep your dog on a lead at all times around livestock.

We would like to thank all of our kind sponsors in this sections and to all of the judges who have kindly agreed to attend this years Bury & District Agricultural Show.

Soceity DEFRA CPH No: 44/690/8001


  1. Sheep – Pedigree Suffolk Ram
  2. Sheep – Pedigree Suffolk -Shearling Ram
  3. Sheep – Pedigree Suffolk -Ram Lamb
  4. Sheep – Pedigree Suffolk -Ewe
  5. Sheep – Pedigree Suffolk -Shearling Ewe
  6. Sheep – Pedigree Suffolk -Ewe Lamb
  7. Sheep – Pedigree Texel – Ram
  8. Sheep – Pedigree Texel -Shearling Ram
  9. Sheep – Pedigree Texel -Ram Lamb
  10. Sheep – Pedigree Texel -Ewe
  11. Sheep – Pedigree Texel -Shearling Ewe
  12. Sheep – Pedigree Texel -Ewe Lamb
  13. Sheep – Any Other Breed -Ram
  14. Sheep – Any Other Breed – Shearling Ram
  15. Sheep – Any Other Breed -Ram Lamb
  16. Sheep – Any Other Breed – Ewe
  17. Sheep – Any Other Breed – Shearling Ewe
  18. Sheep – Any Other Breed -Ewe Lamb
  19. Sheep – Any Other Crossbred- Ram –
  20. Sheep – Any Other Crossbred- Shearling Ram
  21. Sheep – Any Other Crossbred- Ram Lamb
  22. Sheep – Any Other Crossbred- Ewe
  23. Sheep – Any Other Crossbred- Shearling Ewe
  24. Sheep – Any Other Crossbred- Ewe Lamb
  25. Sheep – Commercial Lambs- Pen of three prime lambs Sellars Animal Feeds
  26. Sheep – Young handler – 10 or Under
  27. Sheep – Young handler – 11 -16

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